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The purpose of the website is to demonstrate how to edit, post and administer a WordPress Website.

Focused Purpose

All video content is focused to complete a purpose to complete the lesson.

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All website content is free to access. If a login is required registration will be free.

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This is a development site, no guarantee the site will be available 24/7.


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Wordpress Demonstrations

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How to Build, Edit and Install Plugins, Themes and more!

Plan Website

The first steps is building a website is the planning stage. This takes time, planing and patience. You a need a personal road map of where your going, how your getting there and the platform to built upon.

Host Services

A website must have hardware to build place to install the WordPress your software. This is called your Hosting Service. This is the engine platform where we build WordPress. This is where our Servers are hosted and maintained.

Build & Install WordPress

Now its time to install WordPress Software on the Web Servers. <br>These servers are Hosted by the Hosting Company of our choice.

Plan SEO

Search Engine Optimization is what all website must have to stay listed on google search engines. <br><br>We will go through the basic steps how to set up SEO for websites.

WordPress Security

Securing & Hardening your WordPress Site is #1. Our Website is a target for hackers and DDOS attackers daily.<br><br>Setting up a firewall and locking down WordPress will be the steps we take over time.

Market Website

Basic Online Marketing for any website must be accomplished. We will take the simple steps to make sure our websites reach the goal you set you to reach your targeted niche.

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